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True Womanhood is an idea that was conceived in the mind and heart of a woman who is in the state of brokenness and in search of answers to so many questions. Such questions lead Sis. Sis. Deds Celebrar to open the website of Revive Our Hearts, particularly the messages of Nancy Leigh De Moss. There she has found what she is looking for – Spiritual Revival. She talked to two of her closest friends in the church Sis. Beth Concepcion and Sis. Rochelle Maloles and reveal to them what she has found and the rest was history. On February 8-9, 2009 the formal sessions of TW started. Still fresh on my mind is our first assembly that was held in Tamani Hotel followed by our regular Friday School in Samaya Hotel every Friday before the Worship Service begins.


In general, I would say, TW is one of BBBC’s ministries that cater the needs of women, young and old, single and married. Women who are in dire need of spiritual maturity, stability and revival. It is the organization that facilitates BBBC women in their hunger to God’s Word, supplies knowledge about Jesus Christ, teaches to rely on the Holy Spirit and urges all women to totally depend on God by wholly surrendering their whole life to Him. In addition, it helps us to grow and live in faith and deny our own selves, accepting the fact that it is God Who matters.


Just recently, BBBC celebrated its 10th anniversary which made TW members a lot busier and in action most of the time. It was a week-long Spirit-filled celebration with our guests, Dr. and Mrs. Kabayashima. Most of the TWs are busy in choir practices and preparations before the anniversary and become so involved in ushering, evangelizing, serving food and did other big and petty tasks on the day of the celebration. Humility and serving hearts are evident all throughout the event as manifestation of 1 Peter 5:6 that says: ”Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.”


Once again TW has proven that together we can accomplish small things with great impact in serving and giving our best to the Master, knowing that our labor is not in vain in the Lord (1Corinthians 15:58). As mentioned by Mrs. K in one of the Bible study/Seminar "… serving God is not only serving inside the church but knowing His will and doing it. She further encourages us to be a woman designed by God, a woman after God’s own heart." Therefore, we must always remember – it is

Through the years TW has become an integral part of BBBC and is continuously used by the Lord to give Him glory through various activities that continue to mold godly women.


One of these is the Girl-Gone-Wise group study. Moreover, every woman of the church is given tasks that trains and teaches them to be essential part of the assembly, reflecting God's grace.


As for me, TW means a lot. It is a ministry that enlightened me in my role as a woman – how to act, speak and respond to whatever situation I am into in different stages of life. Most importantly, TW has made me become a stronger woman in faith, more willing to be of God, on God, for God and with God. I am still a work in progress of becoming a woman that God intends me to be, still being molded by our true God. By God’s grace and in His time, I will get there.

Sis. Lanie Maningat

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