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In Pursuit To Be Spirit-Controlled Women

In such ways that can bequeath glory to Him, the Triune God marvelously created us human beings – the pinnacle amongst His creations in His own image and likeness (Genesis 1:27, Revelation 4:11).  Every one of us is uniquely formed and framed; fearfully and wonderfully as described in Psalm 139:14.  Regardless of our individual differences as Christ’s ones, we must understand ourselves and our brethren and change our obnoxious behavior to serve our Master Jesus Christ efficiently and harmoniously in the church.  In the vividness of this reality, God the Holy Spirit channeled the True Womanhood leaders to come up with the conceptual idea of a True Womanhood Day that features the Temperament Awareness.


It’s about 4:15 in the afternoon of Saturday, the 20th of June, 2015 when the program was called to formally begin.  With our dynamic TW hosts Sis. Joy Obillo and Sis. Arabella Panganiban, the humid afternoon was made alive by chortles and laughs!  This duo, possessing the active personalities conquered the room and with their exuberant gestures contaminated the rest of the TWs.  All are then attentive to Sis. Eng Concepcion as she gives the introduction of the Temperament after the sequential flow of the usual program which is Prayer, Opening Songs, Opening Remarks and welcoming of Visitors, the preliminary parts of the program led by assigned True Women.


What is TEMPERAMENT?  noun.  The fundamental groundwork of character, generally presumed to be biologically determined and existent early in life, inclusive of traits like emotional reactiveness, energy level, reaction tempo, and motivation to explore. 

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Psychology classifies people into two:  1) introvert and 2) extrovert.  But, temperament is more specific.  Under the introvert are Melancholic and Phlegmatic and on the extrovert are Choleric and Sanguine.  As our guide to this seminar, we have our Spirit-controlled Woman, An Enduring Classic for Our Changing Times Book authored by the famous Christian writer, speaker and woman’s ministry leader, Mrs. Beverly La Haye.  With reference to the book that is beneficial to us, we are so grateful for the wisdom God gave to Mrs. Beverly La Haye to pen it!  On the contrary, as I move forward make an effort to discover what blend of temperaments are you!


The first temperament is the Melancholic In perfect tandem, Sis. Cathy Concepcion and Sis. Mai Espanar subjugated the facade as they discuss Melancholic.  Melancholy is the richest of all temperaments.  Generally, she is naturally gifted and has a high IQ.  Among her strengths are that she loves music and art, has rich and sensitive nature, has analytical ability, is emotionally responsive, and a deep and reflective thinker.  However, to her weaknesses belong being moody and gloomy, pessimistic and always looking for the negative, likes to suffer, acts as a martyr, hypochondriac, introspective to the point of being harmful, depressive and proud.  By occupations and hobbies, melancholic is an artist, musician, seamstress, culinary arts, accountant, beautician, spectator at athletic events, educator usually in Math, Science or English, interior decorator, fashion designer, author, crafts, poet – either to write or to enjoy.  Moses is an example of a melancholic in the Old Testament time.


With their dry humor, partners Sis. Catherine Linsangan and Sis. Erlani Maningat broke the silence and seriousness when it was there time to discuss their temperament.  The second temperament is the tremendous introvert Phlegmatic who has a gracious and tranquil spirit.  She works well under pressure and has so little anger that she may live her entire life never be angry.  All who know her admire her easygoing, never-get-upset, well-balanced temperament.  Being calm and dependable, good-natured and easy to get along with, cheerful and pleasant if she doesn’t have much to say, kindhearted and loving are her strengths.  Inclusive in her weaknesses are lacks self-confidence, pessimistic and fearful, worrier, rarely laughs aloud, passive and indifferent, compromising and self righteous.  Her occupations and hobbies are homemaker, parent, bookkeeper, counselor, elementary teacher, crafts, reluctant leader, administrator, seamstress, secretary, gourmet cook and athletic spectator.  The famed father of faith Abraham is a biblical example of a phlegmatic person.


Then, the strongest among the four temperaments which is the Choleric turned up in front.  With the powerful manifestation in their personalities, the best buddies Sis. Dors Soriano and Sis. Rochelle Maloles made Manama Villa 7 very quiet as their booming voice mightily conquered the place.  In addition, Sis. Rochelle gave her fresh testimony of her pregnancy and so all are mindful and enthralled.  Choleric is a super introvert temperament.   She has a dynamic personality.  A natural born leader that rarely hesitates to tell others what to do – whether she is qualified or not, describes the Choleric.  Among her strengths are strong-willed and self-determined, optimistic, self-sufficient, fearless and bold while her weaknesses are violent anger problem, highly opinionated, insensitive to the needs of others, unemotional and cold, little appreciation for aesthetics, unsympathetic and harsh, impetuous and violent and disgusted by tears.  Her occupation and hobbies are strong leader, professional career, president of women’s work, home entertainer, executive secretary, participant in athletics, president of local PTA, administrator, high school teacher, precinct worker, bank trust officer, crusader, and political activist.  Among the biblical characters, Apostle Paul modeled a choleric temperament.


The allies, Sis. Mabel Grace Soriano and Sis. Arriane Intal with charming countenance and jam-packed vigor once again made the women lively presenting their Sanguine temperament which is the fourth.  Sanguine is the super extrovert temperament with a fun-loving personality who is always the life of the party.  Her warm and happy disposition is contagious.  Her strengths are being warm and lively, charismatic, talkative, carefree, compassionate towards others, great storyteller, lives in the present, infectious conversationalist and unusual capacity for enjoyment.  On the other hand, her weaknesses are that she dominates conversation, not attentive, weak-willed and has little conviction, seeks credit and approval, enjoys people and then forgets them, makes excuses for negligence, talks too often about herself and forgets promises and obligations.  Her occupations and hobbies are being an actress, women’s speaker, sales woman, visiting and caring for the sick, good cook, volunteer work, counselor at a crisis pregnancy center, loving mother, foster home parent, leader, given to hospitality, receptionist and participant in athletics.  A good illustration is Apostle Peter.


Beloved readers, among the four temperaments can you now spot what blend are you?  Shaped in different blends of temperaments, we should heartily accept and embrace ourselves’ positive aspects for they are our strengths.  While those negatives can be developed to positives if and only if as a Christian you will let God the Holy Spirit control yourself.  Certainly, you read it right!  Only the Holy Spirit has the transforming power to change man’s negatives into positives!  It is not automatic because one is a Christian.  Change will just take place if you connive with the Holy Spirit.  Furthermore, all temperament speakers talked about temperaments and communication, temperaments and love life, and serving the Lord with one’s temperaments. 


Alternate of games prepared and conducted by TW from Karama, trivia researched and questioned by Sis. Lani Maningat and kitchen and cooking tips discussed and in application demonstrated by Sis. Razel Jope is subsequent to every temperament presentation.  Sis. Corazon Soriano tackled the Challenges of life for a Christian woman in different stages of life.  Her subject jointly stuffed with her advance experiences in life was delivered effectively with a well-modulated tone of voice.  The message served as a challenge for us how to be godly in the gradually escalating stages of life.


For the denouement, I handled the discussion of the secrets of the spirit-controlled woman.  To enumerate the five, here are they:  1) Receive God’s offer of salvation by inviting Jesus Christ into your life, 2) live in the absolute control of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18), 3) read the Word of God regularly, 4) learn to develop a mental attitude of prayer and last but not the least, 5) it is essential to seek to do His will.  A Spirit-controlled woman doesn’t seek her own will but rather by faith she seeks the Will of God through prayer and reading Bible.  To be Spirit-controlled is God’s command, not a choice and thus, visible by fruit.  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance:  against such there is no law. (Galatians 5:22-23)


Eventually, as we completed the day, most of us if not all might have identical thoughts in mind – my cup runneth over!  We have all the merits of the program from those women God used to convey the knowledge we need to deal over with ourselves and the people within our reach!  Undeniably, God was magnified in our midst!  By God’s grace, we desire to obey Him as we gain understanding from Him and His Word to be the women He designed us to be in diverse phases and seasons of our lives.  May He set a continuous longing and conviction in our heart the relentless pursuit to be Spirit-controlled women in our changing times! 

Sis. May Pedico

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