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True Salvation and Peace Found in Jesus Alone


I would like to share my life testimony with you. I was a young businessman during my years living in the UAE.
I am an Iranian nationality, currently living together with my parents and brother in Indonesia.
I grew up with my faith as Muslim in a Muslim family and just like any Muslim believer I tried my best to find peace and joy by getting close to God and doing His wills.
At that time of search and spiritual reflection, people around me advised me that I can get closer to God and be saved by doing the Islamic laws. I was told that good works can help me of being unpunished by God for my sins. I heard these things from family, friends and school during my younger years, like any other children.


I go to mosque and fast during Ramadan and make daily prayers and join in mourning of Shia Imams. I give offerings to the best that I am able to, but this offering was completely different from what other people give. Usually people give offerings to guaranty their good health and put away disasters.
Those are the teachings I heard and read in Islamic religious books and I tried to do and practice them but even that time I felt more alone and more far from God.


At that time, several questions surround me: Why should I worship the God with the other language which I cannot even understand? Why should I worship God through prophet and Imams? Why God wants us to do such these hard things to follow? Where are you God? Why I cannot feel you in my life, etc.I cannot find the answer and thought that what I was doing was wrong. I decided to stop searching for God because I was really disappointed.Also as Muslim, we are barred from searching and discovering other religions, so I tried to forget about having connection with God.Since then, I lived my own life with my choices and ways without understanding that the earth which we live in and all other things are the creation of God.After few years, while I was in the same situation, one night, I had a dream. I saw a person came to me and introduced Himself as Jesus Christ. He told me to go to a church and light a candle and He will give me peace in my life. At the time, I was confused why Jesus came to me. That time (late 2012) we were living in UAE and I have some Christian friends.


I asked them related questions and still didn’t understand what it was. Finally one day, I decided to go to a Catholic Church and light a candle as I was told in my dream.
After weeks, with the invitation of some Christian friends I attended one of the anniversaries of Back to the Bible Baptist Church. I felt the true love from them because they didn't care about my religion and they treat me very well. Until that time, I didn't meet such friendly group in my life.


Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17




Bro. Mohammad Zad Ibrahim

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