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All things are possible with God

Bro. Crespin Mesicula


But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible..  Matthew 19:26


God has been so good to me!

Glory to God forever and ever more! 

Thank You, God for giving me the opportunity to share it!

To begin with, I grew up in a family that seldom goes to church.  We’ll only attend during church anniversary and thanksgiving.  During high school, I was surrounded with people who drink and smoke and so to fit in I started smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.  When I turned fifteen, I began to smoke marijuana.  In college, my companions were heavy drinkers and we hang out in various bars around the town.  It was my second year in college when I met Rica; we had the common friend who introduced me to her.  Our first year being together was very exciting but it comes with a lot challenges.  About a month ago, when I realized that there is another girl, which I admire and love but that haven't changed the fact that I still love Rica.  I have decided that I won't let this feeling spoil our relationship.  Then, I told everything to Rica but I knew things would be different between us.  I thank the Lord that she forgave me after she found out that I cheated her.  From then on, she’s always suspicious that I am cheating on her but I tried everything I can to make our relationship better and to gain her trust again.  It was on our 3rd year when she got pregnant.  I was elated but scared at the same time.  At first, she tried to keep the pregnancy a secret.  She also thought of abortion. 


Thankfully, God was at work in my life even when I didn’t realize it.  We chose to keep our baby boy and I guess the hardest part is telling it to our parents.  When we told both our parents, they were upset but very supportive.  Her mother is present on my behalf every antenatal appointment which was a great help since I was studying that time.  My life changed when I finally held my baby boy. After I graduated in college, I went to Manila to find job so that I can financially support my family.  But I realized that seeking my own pleasure was way more important than what I promised to my family.  In 2012, I got addicted in drinking liquor.  I moved to my uncle’s house hoping that he could help me but things only got worse from there.  Later, I found out that he’s a drug addict.  Nothing could keep me away from drugs and alcohol since I am working in a bar where it revolves around people who are drunkard, smokers and drug addicts. 


It becomes a snare to me.  I always denied having an alcohol problem even my parents reprimanded me.  Life becomes miserable to me that time.  I can’t even send money to my family.  I was drowning my sorrow with alcohol and drugs.  I remembered that day I sat on a chair feeling sick from a week of heavy drinking pondering about what happened to my life and realized that this is not the life I wanted to be.  I need something and I need a sense of direction.  Then, I decided to try my fate abroad but I failed on my first attempt.  I tried again and by God’s grace I passed.  I was so happy knowing that I can start my new life there away from my bad habits.  God brought me here in Dubai.  I thought I was in control of my life.  alcohol has always been part of my life.  I am spending most of my rest day in drinking session.  After my vacation, I took my wife for us to earn for our son and since we’re both unbelievers, we’re only planning but alcohol has always been part of my life.  I am spending most of my rest day in drinking session.  After my vacation, I took my wife for us to earn for our son and since we’re both unbelievers, we’re only planning on our own without acknowledging God.

After 2 months, she got sick, and I really don’t know what to do.  I can vividly remember that night, sitting next to her and seeing her extremely sick.  I found myself crying and praying fervently to God to heal my wife. 


From that moment, I realized that I can do nothing and only God can do impossible things.  It was my rest day when my housemate Jerlyn invited us to a Bible study.  I was hesitant at first and continue my established lifestyle.  But my wife did not give up on me and she began asking me to come to Bible study with her.  I have granted her request to attend the Bible study out of curiosity. 


May 2015 God used Pastor Erwin in declaring the Gospel to me and from then on my life changed.  Something wonderful happened.  I had totally lost the desire of drinking and I started seeking God’s word since I don’t know much about God.  I don’t know anything about repentance, forgiveness, justification and sanctification.  I heard about God and of course, I heard about Jesus that He died on the cross to bear my sins but I never really understand what it means.  Reading God’s Word opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on life. 


I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. Today, I’m so grateful to God that He continues to change my life day by day.  I may not be worthy to be called His son but through His mercy and grace, I am keeping my faith. 

Nothing is impossible with God.

(Matthew 19:26) His power makes all things possible!

To God be the glory!

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